Organic Cities Network - Europe

Ongoing project

The Milan Center for Food was one of the founders of the Organic Cities Network - Europe (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden ) and as of 2015, organized a series of events in different locations throughout the Union. The Organic Cities Network puts itself forward as a partner for all the institutions, organizations and companies willing to cooperate in that way. In particular, the network is able to collaborate with EU institutions to foster EU initiatives for organic agriculture and organic food.

The key date was January the 8th 2018, when the official constitution deed of the Organic Cities Network – Europe was signed. In the halls of the Mairie in Paris, representatives from the cities, the associations and the Milan Center for Food Law and Policy signed a document which is also a pledge to a constant and lasting commitment for the promotion of organic agriculture and for the consideration and  action on the sustainability of the agroindustrial production system.