SDG 11: European network of Organic-cities

Promoting sustainability through new urban food policies

  • Date

    03 giu 2019 | 03 giu 2019

  • Location

    Via Festa del Perdono, 7, Milano, MI, Italia


The Milan Center for Food Law and Policy, for the Sustainable Development Festival, organizes a meeting platform to reiterate the fact that sustainability of the food systems that supply European cities is intrinsically linked to the idea of the right to adequate food supplies. Only food produced through a supply chain that respects the environment from farm to fork can be properly considered “adequate” or “suitable”: an idea of  suitability that touches on issues such as the fight against climate change, the protection of biodiversity, the promotion of healthy nutrition and the principle of equity between generations. Issues that refer to the Sustainable Development Objectives and the Agenda 2030 as set out by the UN, as well as indications referred to in the agreement of the Conference of Parties(COP) 21 in Paris. For this reason then, the idea of organizing an event in Milan dedicated to Sustainable Development Goal 11, sustainable cities and communities, came about, seeing as it is the city that will host the preparatory session Pre-COP26 and Youth COP.