The resilient city, a relationship between energy, food and water

  • Date

    18 mag 2018 | 18 mag 2020

  • Location

    Piazzale Ostiense, 2, Roma, RM, Italia


The Milan Center for Food Law and Policy in collaboration with Acea aims to promote a meeting and exchange of ideas with the key players and stakeholders active in the world of water, interested in strengthening the institutions that regulate the way in which  society manages and develops water and food resources in order to create a platform aimed at forging an efficient use of natural resources.

In European and International debate, there is increasingly more discussion on the need to make our cities “resilient”. Resilence, in this context, means the set of characteristics that makes cities capable of adapting to and reckoning with the challenges brought about by, to some extent, predictable external factors. Through strategic planning of urban development, resilience provides the ability to manage in the best possible way the use of natural resources, such as food, water and energy