Fighting for the Right to Food together

Lectio Magristralis by Livia Pomodoro during FICO Eataly World

  • Date

    28 feb 2018 | 28 feb 2018

  • Location

    Via Paolo Canali, 8, Bologna, BO, Italia


Without rights there can be no food: life would simply end and rights represent a value only for those who are alive. But at the same time there is no food without rights and without rules and regulations that determine access, safety and quality». It seems a rather elementary axiom, yet the right to food- which is one of the fundamental human rights as recognized in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights – still faces, in this day and age, insidious obstacles along the way of being recognized and fully implemented.

The Foundation FICO and the Milan Center for Food Law and Policy endorse this awareness by promoting a lesson dedicated to young people, with an open door policy to the city and to whoever wants to retrace the path for affirming the right to food: within the institutions and the Constitutions but also within the hearts of mankind. The lesson by Livia Pomodoro, the President of the Milan Center for Food Law and Policy, takes place at the Arena of FICO Eataly World on Wednesday 28th of February at 1130: the meeting, introduced by the President of the FICO Foundation Andrea Segrè, marks the inauguration of a cycle of lssons for Generation Z endorsed by the FICO Foundation and dedicated to the rights of food, water and energy as well as to the value of legitimacy for a sustainable economy and agriculture model