Innovation in the Water and Agroindustrial sectors

Experience, key-players and perspectives

  • Date

    19 giu 2018 | 19 giu 2018

  • Location

    Via Vivaio, 1, Milano, MI, Italia


The Milan Center for Food Law and Policy – in its mission to forge continuity to the legacy of Expo 2015- carried out an intense networking activity, sharing expertise and know-how with public and private, as well as national and international figures, also liaising with the world of research and highly specialized professional education.

In collaboration with PRIMA (Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area), the Milan Center  was invited to promote the event, with the aim of a creating a structured and long term partnership, on issues regarding research and innovation in the Mediterranean basin, presenting virtuous examples of the bond between research and market developed by the Milan Center for Food Law and Policy in a Mediterranean perspective. The PRIMA initiative represents a joint research programme with a budget of  € 500 milion, cofunded by the 19 participating countries and by the European Commission.

PRIMA represents an outstanding opportunity for all those citizens living in the Mediterranean area, not only because it supports research and innovation activities on the issue of food and water systems, but also because of the value it forges in terms of  scientific diplomacy, becoming a tool to take up the problem of migration.