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Unesco Chair on Right to Food to Livia Pomodoro

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Monitoring the use and application of the Right to Food guidelines

UN CSM Meeting

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“In every corner of the world now – to fight the risk of hunger and a new terrible poverty – a growing demand for regulation and joint action that we feel a duty to listen and interpret, a request on a global basis, finally able to give guarantee of food, quantitatively and qualitatively adequate, the status of a true duty to be charged”

Livia Pomodoro, President Milan Center for Food Law and Policy



From the commitment to build an intangible legacy – in an international perspective – it has been proposed to set up the Milan Center for Food Law and Policy, the Center for Documentation and Study on Rules and public policies on nutrition, founded in February 2014, on impulse: EXPO Milano 2015, Regione Lombardia, Milan City Council and Chamber of Commerce of Milan. On February 17, 2014 the Company signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the Establishment of an International Centre for documentation and study of standards and public policies on nutrition, the Milan Center for Food Law and Policy chaired by Livia Pomodoro, former President of the Milan court. The Mcflp constituted as an association on June 19, 2015.



Milan Center is an information structure that collects, catalogs and stores, in a systematic and updated way, both legislative materials, both public documents or public – private in terms of the right to food. The goal is: to make available to scholars and citizens that the words of the law states and national organizations, international and multilateral write in nutrition.

Expo 2015 is now over. An event that, unique, was able to draw a piece of the future for our country. All of us have now to build its following: the legacy, the intangible heritage. We have to make sure that the day after will continue to be the day of action and leadership of many energies that Milan and Italy were able to mobilize and fielding. Milan Center for Food Law and Policy is the core of this legacy.

The Centre’s activities:

– Permanent Observatory on national legislation, European and supranational

The MCFLP is an entire information structure dedicated to the shared collection, cataloging and archiving, systematic and updated way, both of legislative materials, both of public documents or public – private in terms of the right to food, with the aim of facilitating renderna access and understanding to scholars and citizens.


– Policy analysis and collection of best practices at local, national and international;
– Construction of the network
– Organization of conferences and workshops for thematic areas and productions handbook




The Center will create a thematic think-tank , able to imagine new scenarios in that ‘scientific area that is located at the intersection of law, nutrition, economy and agriculture, by addressing the critical issues emerging, comparing the different solutions proposed, offering policy , domestic and international, ideas, and such knowledge of the law is that represents the tissue to write good and new rules.




Italy has its original and established tradition in the multilateral consensus, in promoting the right foundation for political action. Milan Center was born thus with the ambition – aim to help promote a platform that represents a first, important step towards the ambitious goal of a multilateral Convention, concerning the right to food and food guaranteed. After the Italian semester in Europe, after Expo, another future platform.

Not by chance, then, this wind to blow is back in Milan: to give body to the universalism of this ambition which is inscribed in Expo – feed the world – to give then an Italian soul in Expo Milano 2015 and make the stage that can precede the new goal: Milan world capital of the right to food and food guaranteed.




Milan, Lombardy and Italy led and won the battle for Expo2015 envisioning a theme – feed the world – which goes to the heart of the sphere of rights and that represents still, unfortunately, lost a challenge to all of humanity.

Then it became decisive – because food will not become common good without good common rules – imagine and promote, with Milan Center, a procedure of reflection and a new processing legal able to get out of the dimension of thought for action and offer to the policy and to the international community a globally sustainable model of the right to food. An ideal bridge to the next Expo, Dubai 2020.

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